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Top 7 Things to do in Kassiopi

Kassiopi is a village located on the north coast of Corfu. It is a popular tourist destination among people who enjoy beach vacations. Join us to explore the top attractions and things to do in Kassiopi. You can have a truly wonderful vacation in Corfu when you visit this charming old town.

As you may know, Greece is one of the top destinations in the world, and it’s easy to see why. From the amazing beaches to the cobbled streets to the impressive architecture, there’s something for everyone in Greece. No matter what you’re looking for, there’s a place to go.

How to get to Kassiopi?

First, you’ve got to catch a cheap flight to Corfu. There is just one airport on the island, so you won’t have a problem choosing where to land.

When you land, you may opt to rent a car. If you decide to do so, don’t skip our guide on driving in Corfu. Approaching Kassiopi by car should be pretty simple. There is a bigger road leading straight into the city. Starting from Corfu Town, you should first follow road 24, then turn left onto the main coastal road as 24 continues towards the middle of the island. Just follow this coastal road and you will find yourself in Kassiopi soon.

You can also catch a bus to Kassiopi from Corfu Town. It runs daily and the ticket price is 3.60 Euro. You can check the timetable here.

Top Things to do in Kassiopi

Kassiopi is a small and beautiful coastal village on Crete Island. It is also known for its sandy beaches and crystal clear water, which attract many visitors. Surely you must check out some of the local beaches when visiting the town. However, if you are interested in even more fun things to do in Kassiopi, read on.

1. Enjoy the beach in Kassiopi

Since the sea is only a few meters away, you can come to Kassiopi to sunbathe on the sandy beach, swim in the sea or read a book. The town has many beautiful parts to it. It’s an easy day trip from Corfu Town or Kerkyra Town.

Kanoni Beach and Mpataria Beach are the two main beaches of Kassiopi. They are located right next to each other and it’s easy to access both from the town. There is even parking available nearby, but if you are up to it, it’s an easy walk from the city center. They are a mix of rocky and pebbly beaches. Perfect for enjoying the crystal clear water.

Avlaki Beach is also very close. It’s a huge stretch of beach next to Kassiopi. The ground is covered in pebbles with incredible water washing the shore.

2. Visit Kassiopi Castle

The Kassiopi Castle is an imposing fortress that overlooks the historic town. This castle ruin is accessible through a leisurely trek through olive groves and offers views of the fishing community and the sea. Even Nero has connections to this Roman fortification. Once you’ve reached the summit, you’ll get your first look at the castle, which is rather large.

There is no entrance fee which means it’s easy to recommend visiting this old ruin. Anyone who is interested in history will find it a great attraction.

Kassiopi Church
“Kassiopi” by www.sapr.in is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

3. Church of the Panagia Kassopitra

Located opposite of the Castle entrance path lies the Church of the Panagia Kassopitra. It’s a wonderful historic church that you must visit. The entrance is a charming little tower with two bells. This building itself is a perfect spot to take Instagram photos. Entering through the small tower you will get to the courtyard which houses the church and an ancient well.

Although small, this church is a truly charming attraction in Kassiopi. Make sure you don’t miss it.

4. Walk the Kassiopi promenade

The Kassiopi promenade is the perfect place to go for an afternoon stroll. You can enjoy the sea breeze and watch the fishermen bring in their catch.

There are many shops and bars along the walk, so you can stop for a drink or ice cream on your way back to town. Try some of the delicious local food at one of the restaurants while you are there.

5. Boat trip from the Kassiopi marina

The people of Corfu have always been very close to the sea. Kassiopi was originally a small fishing town after all. Visit the marina where you will be able to take on some boat tours. You can seek out local boat companies that offer exciting tours around the island.

We recommend taking at least one boat trip on a Corfu holiday. Whether you do that in Kassiopi or some other town on the island, we’ll leave that up to you.

6. Peek into Engagement Bay

You can find Engagement Bay on the west side of town. It’s a small bay only accessible by a footpath. Due to the location and accessibility, it’s a very secluded small beach. There is usually no one else there. This means it’s also the perfect place to pop a ring and ask the big question.

Who knows maybe you’ll be just in time to witness a happy couple or you can be the one part of the couple.

7. Visit Old Perithia

History buffs must not miss Old Perithia. It’s just a small drive from Kassiopi and it’s a protected historical town. You can visit this heritage area and imagine how the people used to live on the island. It’s the oldest village on the island and as rumor has it, it was originally a hideaway place from pirates of the sea.

Where to eat at Kassiopi?

Vasilikos Tavern – Pizzeria

Pizza can be an excellent choice in Corfu. Due to the vicinity of Italy, it’s only natural that the cooks on Corfu know how to prepare a great pizza. Visit Vasilikos Tavern in Kassiopi to have some of the best pizza on the island.

What’s even better? You can also order perfectly prepared classic Greek meals. It’s an especially good choice for families. We know that kids have problems trying new food sometimes so they will surely welcome a good pizza.

Sousouro Restaurant

Tucked away on a sidestreet the Sousouro Restaurant offers an authentic family restaurant experience. You can try the best that Greece has to offer in terms of cuisine here. The charming atmosphere and hidden location make this restaurant a little hidden gem in Kassiopi. Don’t miss it!

Thraka Greek BBQ

A great choice for meat lovers is Thraka Greek BBQ. Located on the main street it’s easy to access. As you enter the restaurant you will already feel the meat being prepared. From amazing Gyros to BBQ meats you can get all you want in this restaurant.

Where to stay in Kassiopi?

Villa Christos Kassiopi

Beautiful Villa in the sidestreets f Kassiopi. Although not a central location, you should have no problems reaching all the important parts of town with a little walk. The Villa itself is well equipped with comfortable beds and quality rooms. There is a nice pool with sunbeds waiting for you during the day.

Melina Oasis Boutique Hotel

This hotel is for those who want to enjoy luxury while still staying right in the middle of town. This boutique hotel is located just on the main street. It has amazing rooms with spacious bathrooms. There is a pool as well and top-quality staff.


Just a few streets from the Kassiopi marina, Aria Suites is a great choice. Just like our other picks, this one has a pool as well. The rooms are charming and inviting for all travelers. The guests usually rate this hotel highly due to its location and homely atmosphere.


Kassiopi is a wonderful historic town in Corfu. You may visit it as a day trip from Corfu town or decide to stay here during your vacation. Either way, you will have a great time in Kassiopi as you walk the beautiful streets and enjoy the small town atmosphere.

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