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14 Top Things to See and Things to Do in Corfu Town

The capital city of Corfu island is Corfu town itself. A city vibrating with history and charm waiting for you to explore. Join us to discover all the top things to see and the best things to do in Corfu Town.

The city is known for its pastel-colored and cobblestone streets. To the Western side, the town has tunnels of network and views over its harbor. It’s a 15th-century Fortress overlooking Corfu Town from the East, featuring mosaics and a tiny chapel. You will see history come alive on your visit to Corfu. The city has an incredible history and cultural heritage on offer for visitors.

How to get to Corfu?

The most convenient and quick way of getting to Corfu is by plane. You can book a cheap flight to Corfu easily from May to September. During these times many big European cities have direct flights. In the off-season, you can change in Athens and fly from there directly.

You can also visit Corfu by ferry. The closes ferry is from Ladochori. If you are in the area then checking out Corfu Town by ferry is an inexpensive option.

What is the best time to visit Corfu Town?

If you want to go to the beach then it’s best to visit from Late-May to Early-Sept. Preferably July and August. Those months you will be able to spend a lot of time on the beach and enjoy the sunshine in Corfu town. You may even put together a beach-hopping itinerary.

If you are actually looking for sightseeing or maybe just a weekend visit, then consider October. You still can get pretty great weather but the tourism crowd disappears. No big lines at attractions, no huge crowds anywhere. It’s a great month for sightseeing in Corfu Town.

Best Things to do in Corfu Town

Getting to Corfu is one thing, but you must know how to enjoy yourself once you arrive. Luckily, you have our guide on the best attractions that you can visit. Read on to explore what is there to see and do in Corfu Town.

1. Visit the old Fortress in Corfu

Old Fortress
Side of the Old Fortress in Corfu Town with the entrance in the background

The Old Fortress is among the most outstanding fortified works in Europe; this is the first thing that you see when you’re on the ferry approaching Corfu. The Old Fortress stands on the Town’s Eastern side. It’s in stark contrast to the new Venetian Fortress that stands in the middle of the city.

The Fortress was built in the 15th Century on a Byzantine castle’s site. To add more security to the Fortress, an artificial waterway was made that separated this fortress from the mainland. It used to be connected to the mainland by a mobile, wooden bridge that the British replaced with the current pathway. The Fortress’s entrance can be accessed through Spianada, a famous square in Corfu; it’s arched and has a marble carve symbol on top of it. Beyond the entrance, there are 2 rooms on either side that are a host to a gift shop and the renowned Byzantine Collection.

The Old Fortress in Corfu is one of the most frequently visited places by both local and international tourists. Everyone who visits the town must at least step inside the old fortress. From the fortress walls, the views are also amazing of Corfu Town.

Church of Saint George of the Old Fortress

Corfu Fortress Church
A beautiful sight to behold

A very interesting church from the past is the Saint George church inside the old fortress. It looks and feels like an ancient Greek ruin, but it was actually constructed in 1840. Originally it was built during the British occupation and deliberately designed to look like it’s a building from the Acropolis of Athens. Today it’s a proper Greek Orthodox church that you can visit for a unique experience.

2. Visit the Church of Saint Spyridon

Saint Spyridon Church
The Famous Clock Tower

Saint Spyridon Church was built around 1590. The church’s architecture is similar to olden architecture that dominates Corfu town. The church is a bell tower that’s the town’s highest point and it’s visible as you approach the island on the ferry. In fact, it’s the highest bell tower on any of the Ionian islands.

Corfu residents have deep faith in this church, which is considered to be Corfu’s guardian. This church is also home to the relics of Saint Spyridon. Due to the central location and historical significance, it’s one of those things to do in Corfu that you must not skip.

3. The New Venetian Fortress of Corfu

There is not only one, but two fortresses to visit in Corfu town. Located on the opposite side you’ll find the New Venetian Fortress of Corfu. You can hike up to the fortress gates and see the city from a different point of view.

The entrance is totally free and you can explore it from the inside. Due to the great views and free entrance, it’s a great attraction to visit.

4. Visit Mon Repos Estate

Mon Repos Estate is a wooded estate that runs approximately 2 kilometers of the town’s South bay, making it one of the most popular ancient settlements. This secluded villa was the birthplace of Prince Philip of England. Today you will find an archeological museum inside.

The estate has footpaths that lead through woods and ancient ruins, inclusive of a Doric temple standing on top of the tiny coastal cliff. It only takes thirty minutes to walk from town from Mon Repos; alternatively, you can take a bus from Spianada. Carry plenty of water and picnic stuff since there aren’t any shops nearby.

5. Old Anemomilos Windmill

Corfu Windmill
The windmill is a scenic spot

The Anemomilos Windmill is a relic from the past. You can find Garitsa Bay just opposite the old fortress. It’s one of the most popular spots in the city to take some amazing pics. Although the windmill is not actually operational it’s renovated nicely and is a great tourist attraction.

The best thing is that you can walk the promenade of Graista Bay on the way which is lined by restaurants, bars, and little shops. You’ll enjoy the sea breeze on your face as you think about grabbing a drink or something to eat in this beautiful bay.

6. The Old Town of Corfu

Corfu Old Town
Awesome cute streets are waiting for you

One of the best things we always love to do in Corfu is just strolling around the old town. Whether you are on a romantic vacation or on a family one the charming alleys and cobblestone streets will be inviting. Walk among the bars and tavernas. Enjoy the architecture and flowers on the street.

The Old Town of Corfu is a UNESCO World Heritage site due to the huge number of historical and cultural buildings preserved still today.

Did you notice? Greeks love to decorate their streets and homes with all kinds of trees and flowers. We always love how ‘green’ a regular small Greek street feels. It’s nothing like big city life. We love to spend at least some time each day walking around and taking in the atmosphere.

7. Visit the Museums of Corfu

Corfu Streets

Corfu has an immense history not just on its streets, but also in museums. There are multiple different museums in the city that you can visit to learn more about the history of the island and Greek culture. When we look at the best things to do in Corfu, we think that visiting at least one museum should be on this list.

Archaeological Museum of Corfu

This museum is also like the main museum of Corfu Town. It has all the most important archeological finds from the island and nearby waters. Everything is well organized and you will get a lot of information about the items on display. It’s a great choice for everyone who is interested in the history and culture of the island.

Dionysios Solomus Museum

Greece’s National poet Dionysios Solomus lived here on Corfu’s Island. The house where this poet lived and died was destroyed during the Second World War bombings. It was later restored and it is still standing currently.

The most important museum exhibits include Solomus’s writing desk and his autograph’s manuscript with a given citation from his book “The Free Besieged”. Additionally, there’s a photograph’s collection of related places he visited, and the people he used to interact with. The museum has a detailed bibliographical collection, which is continuously enriched and updated with current information.

The museum also pays respects to all other important poets and writers of Greece. It’s a very cheap entrance fee and worth visiting if you are interested in literature.

Museum of Asian Art of Corfu

Let’s start this museum from the outside. It’s an estate that has been converted into a museum. Lover’s of architecture will enjoy the outside of this museum and will be eager to step inside. Once inside you will find an extensive collection of art from the Asian Continent.

Casa Parlante Museum

Although this is a small museum it’s our favorite of the bunch in Corfu. It is established in an old 19th-century building and is supposed to portray life as it was in the 19th-century. From furniture to room layout everything is arranged according to the period. There is even animatronics to show how people lived.

Byzantine Museum of Antivouniotissa

If you love religious art, then the Byzantine Museum of Antivouniotissa is the museum to visit. It’s in an old church building that’s converted into a museum. On display, you will find many religious artworks from the different eras of the island.

8. The Famous Vlacherna Monastery

Monastery of Corfu
The monastery with the small island in the background

If we had to guess we would say that Vlacherna Monastery is one of the most photographed places in Corfu Town. It might be the most photographed one. Located on the south side of town there’s a chance you’ll see it as you are landing in Corfu.

It’s located in Kanoni Harbor and is a symbol of Corfu. This monastery on the water is a beautiful sight to behold and a wonderful place to visit. Get your cameras out because you will be taking awesome pictures.

If you want you can even hop over to Pontikonísi Island. You can grab a water taxi at the harbor and land on this tiny island to explore yet another church on the water and maybe watch a plane fly right above you.

9. Planespotting

Plane Landing Corfu
A typical picture you can take when planespotting in Corfu Town

The airplanes that land on Corfu have quite the approach. They fly right over the Valcherna Monastery and as such it’s the perfect next item in our list of best things to do in Corfu Town. While you are here already you can have a chance to photograph airplanes from incredibly close.

There is even a bridge across the bay that you can use to walk on and get some great photos from the front of the landing planes. It’s a fun activity and while you are in the area anyway to check out Valcherna you might as well time it with some arriving planes. Flightradar24 will surely help you check if there are any planes about to land.

10. Go to the beach!

Beach Corfu
You can visit the beach when the sun is shining

Corfu is a great beach destination during summer. There is no way that you should skip the beach when you choose to have a vacation on Corfu. We know, there are so many things to do in Corfu, that it took us 10 points to get to the beach. Let’s see what are beaches you can visit in Corfu.

Faliraki Beach

Faliraki Beach is also referred to as Alekos beach, which is situated below Old Corfu City, in beautifully landscaped surroundings. The beach allows visitors to fantastic Old Fortress views. The beach is a relatively sandy and small beach that has a big platform that’s ideal for taking dips and sunbathing.

It’s preferred by local and international visitors who love staying close to the beach. Presently, there are bars, taverns, and coffee shops, in its surroundings where residents can enjoy their drinks and food even late in the evenings. It used to be a meeting point for noble citizens in Corfu. On the beaches’ right side, there’s an old stairway that offers access to the beach’s shoreline.

Royal Baths Mon Repos

Located near the Mon Repos resort, the Royal Baths beach is an awesome secluded place with sunbeds and great service. You can explore this beach and enjoy a location that’s a bit far from the center of the city. This means that fewer tourists decide to make the trip. We like this beach as it gets less crowded than Faliraki.

There are bars available, but we have found the drinks to be on the expensive side. Surely it’s awesome to sip a pina colada on the sunbed, but keep in mind that you will be paying more than in a proper bar.

11. Go on Pirate Ship Black Rose in Corfu

There is a black pirate ship waiting at the dock of Corfu to take tourists for a fun trip. It’s a unique opportunity to go on a ship that was used to sail the seas when motorboats were not even an idea.

It’s a fun experience that provides lovely trips around Corfu Town on a private boat; it’s a spectacular way to view the Island’s calming waters.  The good thing is that you can take unforgettable photos that serve as memories for years to come.

Drinks are also provided and there are clean toilets open to the public below the boat’s deck. When you’re embarking, the staff takes your pictures and offers them as souvenirs. Keep in mind that some passengers have mentioned the music to be too loud aboard the ship.

12. Take a Boat Tour

Corfu Boat Tour

It’s no secret that sailing has been an integral part of Corfu’s history. You’ll find more than one harbor in the town and many ships that provide sailing and sightseeing tours. We always love to recommend these tours if you don’t mind the price. Sure it’s a touristy activity and can be a little bit pricey, but the awesome blue waters of Greece are always very welcoming and it’s amazing to experience this from a boat.

You can find both shorter and longer boat tours available. Some boats even have glass bottoms so you can observe the fish swimming below the ship. The longest tours are usually 6 to 8 hours and will keep you occupied for a whole day of fun.

13. Day Trips from Corfu

Explore the Island
Explore a wonderful island

Whenever you travel to Corfu Town you might want to consider seeing more of the island. You can always rent a car even for a day and go do some exploring. If you rent for a short duration it’s usually pretty cheap. Just make sure your Corfu Town hotel has parking in case you decide to keep the car for the night.

Going on a day trip means visiting awesome towns like Kassiopi or Sokraki to the north. You can even check out the world-famous Canal d’Amour. Going to the south you’ll find interesting places like Pelekas or Lefkimmi. You can even do some beach hopping with our guide to the top beaches of Corfu.

14. Corfu Central Market Shopping

As the last item of our things to do in Corfu guide, we highly recommend that you try to catch the Corfu Central Market. It’s an amazing local experience to attend the market early in the morning. The fishermen will be bringing in the day’s catch and you can sample the local produce of the island. Shopping on the market is a sure way to know that you support the locals. It’s always nice to make sure you give to the community whenever you are on vacation.

Where to eat in Corfu?

Eating Out Corfu
Seafood Drying

Whether you are looking for local food or craving some international cuisine the streets of Corfu Town are an excellent place to grab a bite. There are countless cute tavernas and restaurants that are all waiting for you to take a seat and enjoy an epic meal. These are our 3 favorite places to eat in Corfu Town:

Alkinos Restaurant

You can find Alkinos Restaurant on the south side of Corfu Town. It’s an amazing place serving true local food. This is a perfect restaurant to embrace the taverna feeling and enjoy a great night. Big servings and tasty food coupled with great service make it an easy recommendation.

Red Hot Chili Burger

Craving some burgers? Red Hot Chili Burger is the place to be. Located right in the middle of town, you can come to this burger place to enjoy some tasty meat and great buns. It’s the perfect restaurant to visit when you want something quick and different from the usual Greek cuisine.

Pomo D’oro in Corfu town

Pomo D’oro is a tiny gem that’s situated in Corfu. It’s very magnificent both from the outside and inside. It oozes a special ambiance with its flawless and almost “Invisible” service offering the most appetizing dishes and wines in Corfu.

The restaurant also provides mouth-watering dishes such as Cuttlefish mortadella that’s accompanied by artichokes and saffron sauce. Country pork confit tossed in vegetable sauce, roasted pepper, onion, confit tomato, and olive oil. To top it all off they have awesome desserts for you to enjoy.

Where to stay in Corfu Town?

Choosing a nice hotel for Corfu can be a daunting task. There are tons of available options ranging from simple budget accommodation to luxury hotels. Here are our top 3 picks for hotels to stay at in Corfu:

Sky Loft, Old Town Corfu

Our absolute favorite place to stay in Corfu. Right in the middle of the town, you will have an amazing view of the city from the Sky Loft. Located at the top floor of a building there are designated lookout windows and chairs where you can marvel at the city while you drink your morning coffee.

Acanthus Blue Hotel

If you are looking for more of a hotel experience then the Sky Loft might not be the best pick for you. In this case, let us recommend Acanthus Blue an absolute gem among the hotels of Corfu. It’s located towards the outskirts of town but the center is still only a few minutes of walking distance. Not to mention you will also have the sea just a few streets from the hotel.

Konstantinoupolis Hotel Corfu

Our final pick is perfect for those who want to stay within a certain budget. It’s a nice affordable hotel close to the city center. We love this hotel because although it has a budget price the amenities and rooms feel much higher than what you pay for.

Corfu Town FAQ

Is it worth visiting Corfu Town?

Yes! It’s a historically and culturally important town in the region. It’s a must-visit.

When to visit Corfu Town?

If you want the beach visit during summer if you come for sightseeing visit in October.

Do I need a car in Corfu Town?

No, getting around Corfu Town is easier without a car. If you want to get out of town and explore more consider renting for one or two days only.

Does Corfu Town have any beaches?

Yes, Faliraki Beach and Royal Baths Mon Repos.

Is Corfu Town Lively?

It’s the biggest town on the island where most residents and tourists are concentrated. It’s a lively, vibrant, and wonderful metropolis.

Can you see Corfu Town in two days?

Yes, you can check out the main attractions in two days. You won’t have time on the beach though.

Can I drink tap water in Corfu?

Probably yes. We recommend that you start out with bottled water and try the tap water only in small amounts the first day. It has a high mineral content, so if you are fine after the first day you can continue with tap water, otherwise stick to bottled water.

Can I flush toilet paper in Corfu?

No. Just as everywhere else in Greece, you will have to put toilet paper into the bin next to the toilet.

Which is hotter Corfu or Crete?

Corfu is colder than Crete.

Is Corfu safe for tourists?

Yes, generally speaking, Corfu is extremely safe. Keep common sense and you’ll run into absolutely no trouble.

How long is the ferry ride from Athens to Corfu?

Unfortunately, there is no direct ferry from Athens to Corfu.

Final Say

Corfu is an ideal location for people who like water sport activities and enjoy staying outdoors. Additionally, Corfu residents are very friendly and welcoming; if you want to relocate and live in a serene, beautiful setting, Corfu is the Town for you!

If you’re a Corfu resident or visitor, you can do so many things as you visit restaurants, attraction sites, and museums. The town has a list of several places you can visit with your family and friends for fun and educational activities.

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