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Top Tourist Places to Visit in Agartala

Agartala is the capital city of the Tripura region in India. The city of Agartala can be an attractive off-the-beaten-path tourist destination. You must learn about the places to visit in Agartala before you decide to travel here.

The city has a rich cultural history. It’s located only 2 kilometers from the border of Bangladesh. Due to the location different cultures and nations have influenced Agartala throughout the ages.

All these different influences have made Agartala a wonderful place to visit today. You can observe how the cultures have blended together to create many attractions and tourist places to visit in Agartala. The city is full of interesting buildings and history.

However, it’s not just the city that’s beautiful about Agartala. Tourists like to come here in order to enjoy some amazing nature as well. Agartala is located amongst forests and lush greenery. The city poses as a great location for both history buffs and people who enjoy nature.

What is the best time to visit Agartala?

Due to the location of Agartala, it has a tropical climate. Generally speaking, it rains a lot all year round. During the summer, the city can get some very hot days. Combine this with rainfall and you get very high humidity with very hot temperatures.

All of this means, that the best time to visit Agartala is during the winter season. The temperatures and mild and there is not a lot of rain. You can schedule your tourist visit to Agartala from November to March.

One thing you should keep in mind is that the people of Agartala have a lot of local festivals. These always prove as good entertainment and a wonderful sight. If you want to learn more about Agartala festivals, you can visit the Tripura government website.

Is it safe to visit Agartala?

Generally speaking the state of Tripura, and the city of Agartala is a safe place to visit for everyone. In the past, there have been some violent activities going on in the area, however, it’s been long gone.

Nowadays, the people of Agartala offer a warm welcome to tourists and are known for their excellent hospitality. You will be safe traveling around the state and the city.

One thing to note, tourism is still pretty much a new thing in Tripura. This means that touristy areas in Agartala and Tripura are underdeveloped. To make sure that you get where you want to be it might be good to consider organized tours when going out of the city.

Although we do not know of any problems for tourists in Agartala, we would still advise that solo female travelers try not to be out on the streets alone, late in the night. Apart from this tip, you should not have any problems in Agartala.

How to get to Agartala?

Get to Agartala by plane

The city of Agartala has its own airport. This makes travel and tourism extremely easy. You can book a flight to Agartala from multiple major cities in India. The airport is conveniently located close to the city, making it easy to reach Agartala after landing.

Agartala Airport
Image from Wikimedia

Get to Agartala by bus

Another good option is to get to Agartala by bus. It’s a very economical way to travel, and many tourists use it yearly. You can travel by bus from cities like Kolkata, Guwahati or Shillong.

Get to Agartala by train

Lastly, you have the option to go to Agartala by train. Although this option might seem good on paper, it’s not the best choice to reach Agartala. As it’s close to the border, the train must go all the way around making it a really long ride. The bus is much quicker.

Tourist Places in Agartala

Now that we know the essential tourism info about Agartala, we need to tell you about all the great places to go in Agartala when you travel there. This beautiful city, full of life and culture will surely capture your imagination and make your good memories.

1. Ujjayanta Palace

As the first tourist places to go in Agartala, we have to list Ujjayanta Palace. It’s simply one of the most amazing and beautiful buildings in the city.

It’s a former royal palace that can be found in the middle of the city. When it was an active royal palace, this place was the local residence for the royal family and all their guests.

Today when you visit Ujjayanta Palace, you will find that it has been transformed into a museum. This tourist attraction in Agartala is also known as the State Museum. This is because it’s one of the most important museums in this region of India.

Inside you will find a collection of artifacts and historical items from the region around the city. One of the most famous attractions inside is the ‘Chinese Room’ which boasts incredible artwork by Chinese artists.

From the outside, you will be able to enjoy a huge park and the sight of Ujjayanta Palace. We guarantee that the building will inspire you to take many pictures and admire its beauty.

Image from Flickr user sharadaprasad

2. Neermahal Palace

As the second attraction on our list of places to go in Agartala, we have Neermahal Palace. This royal palace is also known as the ‘Lake Palace of India’. The palace has received this title due to its location. When you visit, you will find it in the middle of Rudrasagar Lake. Although it’s out of the city boundaries, we consider it a must-visit when you are doing tourism in Agartala.

This particular royal building is considered the largest palace in India. Originally, it has served as a summer lodging for the royal family and their influential friends. No wonder it was selected as a summer palace, the building looks spectacular and the surrounding lakes and water only adds to the whole picture.

The big body of water is also a popular place to practice watersports. Be it kayaking or rowing, athletes like to come here and train in a wonderful environment. At night you can also catch a show of lights and colors.

Neermahal Palace
Image from Flickr user dbphotoz

3. Jagannath Mandir

The Ujjayanta Palace is also home to many temples and sanctuaries. One of them is the Jagannath Temple. This amazing-looking temple was constructed by the orders of the Maharaja of Tripura.

The building itself is visited due to religious reasons on many occasions. However, it’s also a popular tourist attraction in Agartala. Many people who come to the city, can’t miss this awe-inspiring temple. Well worth a visit, especially since it’s so close to Ujjayanta Palace.

4. Heritage Park Agartala

When you are looking for ways to be immersed in nature, without going far from the city, the Heritage Park of Agartala is a good choice. The big park is full of green plants and trees. Visiting it is a nice break from the bustling city and it’s a very nice tourist spot.

Apart from the fresh air and nature, there are also some small models here. They are reconstructions of the most important sights in Tripura. As you walk around the park, you will be able to discover all these scaled-down models and get a good overview of the beautiful buildings in the state.

5. Tripura Sundari Temple

When you travel to Agartala, there are some places that you must visit out of the city. One such place is the Tripura Sundari Temple. It is located around 55 kilometers from the city.

It’s an important tourist attraction in Agartala, one of the oldest temples in India. The building dates back more than 500 years. It’s also a very important religious destination. As per the Hindu religion, there are a total of 51 Shakti Peethas. These 51 places are marked as Lord Vishnu cut up Sati’s body. Wherever Sati’s bodyparts have fallen to the ground, they mark the 51 Shakti Peethas.

The temple poses as an amazing sight, which is worth the trip from Agartala. Many who come here also pay their respects. It’s a historically and religiously important place to visit in Agartala.

Tripura Sundari Temple
Image from wikimedia

6. Sepahijala Zoological Park

South of the city you will find the Sepahijala Zoological Park. This is the place you want to visit when you are longing to see animals. It’s both a zoo and a park at the same time. The park covers a huge area and many people like to come here for some picnic, or some boating in one of the many lakes.

The Zoological Park is home to a lot of different animals. You can find here monkeys, birds, tigers, and even bears. When you want to be immersed in nature, there is no better place to go.

Those who would like to enhance their visit, have the option to take a joy ride on an elephant. You can also decide to take a tour of the rubber and coffee plantations and learn how they produce them.

7. Buddhist Stupa

When you are planning your visit to Sepahijala Zoological Park, you can do a detour to observe the attraction of Buddhist Stupa. You will find it attractive in the town of Boxanagar. To make your visit to the south of Agartala full of sights it’s best to include this archeological place.

It’s a beautiful ancient sight, where you can experience Buddhist religion. When you visit you will be able to take many pictures and feel the power of a religious place.

Buddhist Stupa
Image courtesy of

8. Jampui Hills

Towards the east of Agartala, you can visit Jampui Hills. It’s great hiking and walking location within nature. When you are looking for greenery and fresh air, this attraction is one of the best places to visit in Agartala.

Jampui Hills is also known as the ‘Eternal Seat of Spring’ due to the amazing climate and lush green environment. Apart from being in nature, you can see a collection of small tribal villages in Jampui Hills. Tourists love to visit and learn about the history of Tripura in these smaller tribal hill villages.

Another famous attraction in Jampui Hills is orange. The hills are particularly amazing for growing orange. Due to this, there are rows upon rows of orange plantations in the area. Tourists love to come and learn about orange production and taste the local produce.

Jampui Hills
Image from Wikimedia

9. Unakoti Hills

East of Agartala, and north of the Jampui Hills, you will find Tripura attraction Unakoti Hills. It’s an amazing sight with faces that are carved into the rock of the mountain.

This ancient religious site is a very unique place to visit in Agartala. The beauty and uniqueness of Unakoti Hills attract tourism from all over the place.

The faces and figures that are carved into the rock provide a picturesque sight. The surrounding area is also full of lush vegetation and greenery. It’s a beautiful place to visit, which you need to include in your Agartala itinerary.

Unakoti Hills
Image courtesy of

10. Tripura State Tribal Museum

You can visit the Tripura State Tribal Museum very close to Ujjayanta Palace. It’s a small, but cute museum that showcases the history and tribal traditions of Tripura.

Anyone who wants to learn about the state and its interesting history must visit the tribal museum in Agartala. You will be able to learn about more than 15 tribes that make up the Tripura region.

11. Baramura Eco Park

We’ve got another great place to visit in Agartala for nature lovers. If you want to be among green fields, beautiful trees, and flowers, you need to consider Baramura Eco Park.

It’s a small natural park that has a lot of greenery. Ideal place for some hiking and walking around. It will take around 2 to 3 hours to walk around and check everything this park has to offer.

Baramura Eco Park
Image courtesy of

12. ISKCON Agartala Temple

Near the center of Agartala, you will find a picturesque temple called ISKCON. It’s decorated with amazing carvings and paintings from the outside. The temple is very rich in art, making it a great place to see.

This is a small sanctuary where you will be able to pay your respect to the gods. When you visit you can also marvel at all the decorations on both the inside and outside. The temple is well maintained and in a good shape.

13. Trishna Wildlife Sanctuary

If you are happy to venture quite far from Agartala then consider the Trishna Wildlife Sanctuary. It’s a wildlife park with great nature options and free-running animals.

Apart from being a wildlife reserve, it’s also a kind of safari. When you visit you have the option to go around the park in small golf karts and observe wildlife this way.

14. Nehru Park

When you are visiting the Heritage Park of Agartala, you can also have a walk-in Nehru Park. It is located on the other side of the main road from Heritage Park.

The Nehru Park is one of the recommended places to visit in Agartala. The park is very well maintained, with nice flowers and green places. There are multiple statues that pose a great opportunity to take pictures. A laid-back park, where you can spend around an hour walking around.

Nehru Park Agartala
Image courtesy of

15. Kamalasagar Kali Temple

On our list of places to visit in Agartala, we have the Kamalasagar Kali Temple. It’s a place of worship that you can find very close to the Bangladesh border.

You should visit this temple if you are looking for a quiet escape. The location is very sacred and calm. You will be able to have a good experience and slow down a little when you visit Kamalasagar Kali Temple.

Tourism in Agartala

How many days should you spend in Agartala?

You can plan either a short or a full week vacation in Agartala. If you are planning to mainly stay within the city limits then a weekend getaway is perfect. In two days you will be able to cover most of the attractions and get a nice and relaxing vacation.

If you are willing to get out of the city then we recommend a week in Agartala. There are many attractions outside the city, in the state of Tripura. You can get immersed in nature and hike a lot. This place is perfect for nature lovers.

What are the best hotels in Agartala?

We have already mentioned, that tourism is quite new in Agartala and the state of Tripura itself. As such, there aren’t actually that many hotels available in the city. If you are looking for luxury accommodation, you won’t find it. You however have options for cheap and comfortable hotels within the city.

1. Hotel Sonar Tori

If you like a luxury, Hotel Sonar Tori is the closest you can get. It has beautiful and spacious rooms. The design of the hotel is very modern and sleek. You can spend a great vacation in Agartala and have comfortable lodging in Hotel Sonar Tori.

It’s located conveniently within Agartala, you will have access to all the attractions in the city. Although it’s not the cheapest hotel in the city, it is an excellent choice.

2. Hotel Palace Inn

Hotel Palace Inn provides modest comfort with a very good location. The hotel can be found near Ujjyanta Palace. You can head out each night and walk the palace grounds to marvel at the beauty. Although it’s not as flashy as Hotel Sonar Tori, due to the location it has an excellent price-value ratio.

3. Ginger Hotel Agartala

A good middle ground between simplicity and relative luxury is the Ginger Hotel Agartala. It has simple, but comfortable rooms. There is in-house dining and good amenities, such as a gym. It’s also a perfect choice for business travel.

How to get around in Agartala?

The cheapest way to get around within the city limits is a rickshaw. There are paddle rickshaws or motorized rickshaws waiting to take you around the city. If you need to go out of the city, or going for a longer ride consider a cab. Buses also run daily in the city and between surrounding settlements.

If you plan to visit the tourist attractions around Agartala, you may consider guided tours, that are available inside the city.


Tourism in Agartala is still in its early days. Regardless, when you come here you can have an amazing time in nature and you can wonder at the local architecture.

When you come here, you can expect to have a good time, in a laid-back holiday setting. There is no rush to go from attraction to attraction, you can take it slow and enjoy the famous hospitality of the locals.

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