Bled Cream Cake

Traditional Slovenian Food: What to expect?

You are planning your next holiday in the charming country of Slovenia. However, this rather small country is still pretty much undiscovered by the majority of tourists. As such, you might be wondering: What is traditional Slovenian food like?

Slovenia is a young country. If you consider this, it’s not a surprise that the traditional Slovenian cuisine is a mix of meals from surrounding regions. Now of course this doesn’t mean that the good people of Slovenia didn’t put their own twists into the foods. Still, even though they don’t exactly taste the same as in the neighboring countries, many of the meals might sound familiar already.

Traditional Slovenian Breakfast

We have to start our day with breakfast, of course. When in Ljubljana you will have a ton of options for different breakfast establishments. However, most of these will offer international meals along with their more traditional Slovenian counterparts. If you are looking to get the real deal, you have to look for these options.

Bread with Marmalade or Honey

One of the popular breakfast choices in this country is on the sweeter side. The locals in this region love to grab a piece of bread, hopefully still warm, and put their lovely home-made marmalade on it. Together they form a tasty and filling breakfast.

Another option is to put some butter and honey onto the bread. Due to the warmth of the fresh bread, they will melt together into perfect harmony.

Honey and Fresh Bread
Homemade White Bread with Honey by TheCulinaryGeek, on Flickr

Ham and Eggs

One of the most popular breakfast options in the country. You can get scrambled eggs or sunny-side-ups. To make it more filling, pair it with some of the best Slovenian hams and you will have a great breakfast.

This is the choice of Slovenians for a breakfast that is not sweet. You can have almost infinite variations due to the versatility of eggs.

Traditional Slovenian Food

As for everyday Slovenian cuisine, there are a couple of meals that are considered traditional in the region. As already mentioned some of these come from neighboring countries and nations. However, with the little changes Slovenia did on them, it’s still worth trying out, even if you already know how it should taste.


The most important traditional Slovenian food is dumplings. They can be filled with a variety of fillings. From cheese to ham and bacon you will find an option that suits your taste. They are best enjoyed while still hot when the filling blends together creating a great culinary experience.

Cream Cake of Bled

This traditional cream cake from Bled is well known in the whole region. The vanilla and whipped cream make a great combination together. You might also know this dessert from the Slovenian name ‘Kremšnita’

Bled Cream Cake
Kremna rezina by mk_is_here, on Flickr

Kranjska Klobasa

The Kranjska Kolbasa is a kind of sausage typical to the Slovenian region. In fact, it’s a protected culinary food, that can only be prepared in a certain way. This smoked sausage is an integral part of Slovenian cuisine and history. Originally served for the ruling and aristocratic class, you can taste it for yourself today.


The food Jota or Yota is a traditional Slovenian food. This kind of meal was usually prepared during the winter months. It combines potatoes, cabbage, and beans together. Although definitely not the fanciest meal you can get around the country, it’s an integral part of Slovenian history.

Tasty jota by Davorin Pavlica, on Flickr


Slovenia has its own local type of flatbread. It’s called pogaca. Although it looks very similar to the Italian focaccia, it’s actually closer in taste to fresh bread rolls. Eat it straight out of the oven while still hot, on a cold winter day. We guarantee that your day will instantly be better, as the warm and puffy pogaca helps you fight the cold.

Smederevska Pogaca by Ognjen Miladinovic, on Flickr


A large part of Slovenia is covered in mountains. This means there are a lot of freshwater streams and rivers around the country. As such, the locals love fresh fish and use it in their everyday cooking.

Among the freshwater fish, Trout is the most popular. You will be able to find it on most restaurant’s menus. Enjoy this typical Slovenian meal for lunch.

Štefani Pečenka

The Stefani Pecenka is a quite unusual meal. It’s a traditional Slovenian food. However, you can still get it in neighboring countries such as Hungary.

The meal itself is basically minced meat, with cooked eggs in the middle. Usually, they are prepared in a long cake mold. It’s an interesting option, especially if you haven’t tried it.


A mountainous country without traditional cheese? That’s something unimaginable, right? Usually, mountains and dairy animals go hand in hand as the lush green fields provide food for the animals.

This is not different in Slovenia either. They have a ton of great cheese options. Try to seek out the locally produced smoked and specialty cheeses in the supermarkets. They taste great and go well with some ‘Kolbasa’.

Cheese Assortment

Kraški Pršut

The Kraski Prsut is a type of ham (prosciutto) in Slovenia. They are based on century-old recipes and instructions. These great smoked hams are perfect for breakfast or a light dinner.

Prekmurska gibanica

Another dessert item in our list of traditional Slovenian foods. It’s prepared in the Prekmurje region of the country. Typical a layered cake, filled with poppy seeds, cottage cheese, apples, and walnuts. The name is under protection, meaning it can only be used when the cake is baked according to the original recipe.

Where to get traditional Slovenian food in Ljubljana?


If you are looking for the ‘Kolbasa’ this is your spot. Look at the name, and tell me this place is not about the food. It’s a fast food place, where you will be able to taste the amazing Slovenian sausage. Kolbasarna is the restaurant when you are looking to get something typical Slovenian, but quick.

Gostlina Sokol

The Gostlina Sokol restaurant serves traditional Slovenian food in the heart of Ljubljana. When you are in town, it’s a good choice for your dinner after a day of sightseeing. Although, definitely not the cheapest, the served food portions are quite big, and they taste good.

Restaurant Šestica

The Restaurant Sestica is another good place to try out the typical meals in the country. They serve a variety of the best items at affordable prices. Even better, the meals themselves taste excellent.

These are our top pick when it comes to typical Slovenian cuisine. You can enjoy some of these at the above-mentioned restaurants. Also, make sure to check out our other posts, such as the thins to do guide in Kranjska Gora summer.

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