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11 Unique Places to Stay on Oregon Coast

The Oregon Coast itself is pretty unique in the US and it’s well known across the nation for its picturesque scenery. Many travel the coast on week-long itineraries to check out everything they can. One of the best ways to enhance your experience is to choose unique places to stay on Oregon Coast.

If you are bored of the regular, old hotels that you see everywhere in the US then this list is for you. We’ve picked places that are interesting, quirky, beautiful, and above all, stand out as unique hotels on Oregon Coast.

So, join us as we explore the coast from south to north. Yep, there’s no ‘numbering’ of this list. We start at the very south of Oregon and make our way up to the north on the list. As we believe all of the mentioned hotels are great we found no reason to actually rank them.

WildSpring Guest Habitat

Location: Port Orford

We love when uniqueness meets luxury. These types of places are some of the best if you want to have a good time. At WildSpring Guest Habitat it’s all about a good time.

They have a total of 5 cabins that you can book. All of them are fully equipped and furnished to maximum comfort. And yes, this includes a heated floor which is quite a good thing to have in Oregon if you are visiting during the colder months.

The whole resort is located inside a private forest so it’s needless to say that you will have amazing scenery and privacy on your vacation here.

One of the main features is a heated open-air hot tub overlooking the ocean. WildSpring Guest Habitat is romantic, it’s private, it’s luxurious, and it’s pretty unique on the Oregon Coast. It definitely gets the thumbs up from us!

Website: https://www.wildspring.com/

Itty Bitty Inn

Location: North Bend

When it comes to uniqueness Itty Bitty Inn is among the most unique places to stay on Oregon Coast. It’s a small two-star inn with a very unusual aesthetic.

They embrace their retro appeal and build heavily on it. All of their available rooms are built around a particular theme. This includes one room that’s Star Trek themed. Yep, fans of the show definitely need to spend a few nights here.

Other rooms include the Tiki Cha Cha, the Oregon Trail, The Tiki Lounge, and That 70’s Room. We love this hotel because it’s simple yet incredibly charming. It’s also locally run which is always good. When you spend money on local businesses you support the community.

What’s even better? The owners of this place go beyond being a simple themed inn. They offer some great Oregon experiences like bicycle tours and crabbing adventures.

Website: https://www.ittybittyinn.com/

Heceta Lighthouse Bed & Breakfast

Location: Dunes City

Heceta Lighthouse Bed & Breakfast is one of the remaining Lightkeeper’s cottages on the Pacific Coast. It’s a cute unique B&B with a total of 6 rooms. The low amount of rooms available means that your experience can be intimate and private.

Not only is the actual place very historic but it’s settled on a cliffside overlooking the pacific. The scenery is absolutely beautiful and very romantic. At the far side of the property, you’ll be able to see the Heceta Head Lighthouse as well. The lighthouse is actually a working lighthouse even today!

This is an excellent place to stay for couples.

Website: https://www.hecetalighthouse.com/

Ocean Haven Yachats

Location: Yachats

Ocean Haven is all about the ocean. It’s in the name, it’s in the design, and you will feel it in the atmosphere. This is a unique hotel that caters to people who want their vacations to be about nature.

Although it’s officially in Yachats, the actual location is 8 miles south of town, and in a beautiful area on the coast. The rooms of Ocean Haven are all oceanview rooms set up to observe the beauty around you.

This lodging is located in a marine-protected and shorebird conversation area. This means that you’ll be able to catch glimpses of wildlife from your room. To help with that each room is equipped with two pairs of binoculars. If you are lucky, you may even see whales as they swim near the coast.

You can also go on adventures from Ocean Haven if you follow one of the many hiking trails in the area. This place is truly all about nature. In fact, while the hotel provides free WIFI in all rooms, there’s no other electronic entertainment. Rooms have no phones or TVs in them. In turn, they have an extensive library of great books that you can read during your stay.

Website: https://www.oceanhaven.com/

Newport Belle Bed and Breakfast

Location: Newport

The Newport Belle B&B is another super unique place to stay on Oregon Coast. It’s not actually a hotel building. Not even a shack or a small bungalow. No, Newport Belle B&B is housed inside a paddlewheel boat that was built in 1993. Wow!

Of course, the boat is not going anywhere anymore. It’s very nice for a romantic getaway on the Oregon Coastline. In fact, the hotel is adults only with couples taking the center stage.

The hotel only has five rooms so an intimate atmosphere is almost guaranteed. Rooms are all styled to match the ship’s atmosphere, meanwhile keeping it modern and very comfortable. Being a ship accommodation all rooms have nice views of the ocean.

Another place that we can highly recommend for couples who are exploring the coast.

Website: https://www.newportbelle.com/

Ocean House

Location: Newport

The Ocean House is a beautiful oceanfront inn in Newport. They offer a boutique experience and picturesque views from all of their rooms. They will make you feel like a VIP guest in an upscale resort.

Not only do they have amazing views, but they get private access to a hidden beach on the Oregon Coast. It’s quite rare here for a hotel to have private beach access as Oregon is famous for not having any private beaches.

Once again this is a perfect place for a romantic getaway. You will be surrounded by nature, meanwhile, Newport is only a few minutes of drive away. Most of Oregon’s main attractions are within reach of this amazing unique hotel.

Website: https://www.oceanhouse.com/

Alpine Chalets and Cabins in Otter Rock by Vacasa

Location: Otter Rock

It’s quite unexpected to bump into Alpine-themed hotels on the Oregon coast but Alpine Chalets and Cabins in Otter Rock by Vacasa delivers exactly its promise.

The styling is definitely unique and the location is absolutely perfect. Amazing ocean views, great nature, and a cozy atmosphere are what you can expect from this stay.

There are a total of 7 cabins for rent so it never gets really crowded like it would in a 100+ rooms hotel. You can enjoy the Oregon Coast in tranquility. They also have access to a beach just down the coast from the hotel. Although it’s not a private beach it very much feels like it since most people don’t make the trip all the way from Otter Rock to this part of the beach.

Website: https://www.vacasa.com/usa/Alpine-Chalets/

Thyme & Tide Bed and Breakfast

Location: Oceanside

Thyme & Tide is an upscale romantic retreat on the Oregon Coast. It’s located in a beautiful area with plenty of trees and nature around. The building has great views over the coastline making it an amazing place to relax and wind off.

There are only two guest suites in this B&B which is an absolute guarantee for a peaceful vacation. No crowds just the surrounding nature, the sounds of the coastline, and a picturesque view.

Website: https://www.thyme-and-tide.com/

Oregon Coast Lodge

Location: Garibaldi

Oregon Coast Lodge is one of the recently opened unique places to stay on Oregon Coast. It’s housed in an old barn and has quite an atmospheric design.

Hidden away in the wilderness the location is also a nice touch. You can experience the best of what Oregon Coast has to offer if you book here. Why? Because they also include a guided fishing trip along with the accommodation.

You’ll get a chance to try your hand at fishing on the Ocean and try catching fish you haven’t even heard about yet. It’s great fun and we highly recommend the place as a newcomer to the Oregon hotel scene.

Website: https://www.oregoncoastlodge.com/

Arch Cape Inn and Retreat

Location: Arch Cape

The Arch Cape Inn and Retreat is a unique place that resembles a chateau-style hotel. It’s a very romantic and intimate location. The rooms all follow the exterior styling well to create a magnificent atmosphere.

Once again, we are talking about a boutique hotel so there are only 10 rooms available. This guarantees that the atmosphere never goes from romantic to touristy.

This little castle is just the perfect choice if you want a nice romantic getaway from which you can explore the northern parts of the Oregon Coastline.

Website: https://archcapeinn.com/

The Starry Night Inn

Location: Seaside

Finally, we have the Starry Night Inn as an unusual stay on Oregon Coast. Here the uniqueness comes from the art that was used to design the rooms. The inn has a very artistic atmosphere. They filled the interior with beautiful artwork featuring local talent.

They have a total of 6 rooms where you can stay. 3 in a beautiful Victorian Lodge and another 3 in as mid-century cabins.

Not only is this inn unusual due to the art but they offer unique amenities to guests as well. They’ve got record players, a huge collection of cult classic VHS tapes, and excellent SPA facilities.

The Starry Night Inn is definitely one of the best choices for exploring Seaside OR and the surrounding area.

Website: https://www.thestarrynightinn.com/

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