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Top 15 Unusual Places To Stay In Iceland

Iceland is a magical place. It’s just simply so unique to everything else on the planet. When you travel to Iceland you will feel, as if you are taken to another planet.

However, before you book your flight to Iceland, it is time for you to get to know some unique and unusual places to stay. These are some of the most attractive Iceland hotels. Unique in design or experience. It’s only fair, that such a magical place has its own unusual hotels.

You may like your visit to the country to experience new things, see beautiful landscapes and even sleep in front of the Northern Lights. You have to discover which are the most striking accommodations that you will find in Iceland so that you can make your reservation now.

Unusual Places to Stay in Iceland

1. Wilderness Center Iceland Hotel

You have to go to the east of Iceland to find the Wilderness Center Hotel to connects you with nature. This hotel has many trees around it, beautiful cliffs, and absolutely stunning views. All the rooms preserve a vintage style in which you will feel like resting in a museum.

You can see the Northern Lights in Iceland is quite a unique sight from any room in the hotel. It is a 100% country hotel where you can run into some horses or sheep while enjoying its facilities.

Among the unusual places to stay in Iceland, this hotel might be the best for families. The domestic animals, the nature around you, and the in-house facilities will provide entertainment for the children and their parents all day.

Wilderness Adventure Center
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2. Get To Know Some History With The “Hotel Viking”

You can indulge in some Nordic history by visiting the “Viking Hotel” located in Hafnarfjorour. This accommodation type will give you some works of Nordic art for you to learn about Viking roots. The hotel’s entire theme focuses on ancient times where the Vikings drank and celebrated their expeditions in the great hall.

You can have the best wine, ale, and classic meals in different traditional dishes with the Viking Hotel. You can also pay for a Viking-style kidnapping where you will be transferred to a cave to watch different Nordic shows.

This place is a must for Viking history lovers. After all, it’s designed as a classic longhouse. Even better, the town of Hafnarfjorour has an annual Viking festival each summer.

3. Watch The Northern Lights From The Bubble Hotel In Iceland

If you want to be truly amazed in Iceland, you must go to the Bubble Hotel and see the Northern Lights without obstructions. You can sleep under the Northern Lights in these rooms because it is a giant bubble in the forest. This is the best hotel you can stay in in Iceland, and it has few rooms so you should book now.

In each room, you will view nature and its main show: the Northern Lights. You can go to this hotel for mid-April and September, where Iceland’s natural wonders come to life. Of course, if you really want to see the Northern Lights, you need to plan ahead, it’s a phenomenon that can prove quite hard to catch.

In our opinion, this unusual hotel in Iceland is the ultimate couple’s getaway. It’s just you and your significant other, right in the middle of nature, with the stars of the universe above your head. It doesn’t get more romantic than this.

The 5 Million Star Hotel
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4. Galaxy Pod Hostel

If you want to feel like a real astronaut, you must go to the Galaxy Pod Hostel in Reykjavik’s center in Iceland. It’s a luxury capsule hostel, where you can meet new people.

All sleeping pods are futuristic in style, so you feel like you’re on an adventure into space. These capsules are equipped with the best technology such as reading lights, air conditioning, Smart tv, mirrors, plugs, etc.

This Hostel in Iceland is very popular with Star Wars fans where you can feel in space. You can also enjoy the hotel facilities with virtual reality games.

Galaxy Pod Hostel
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5. Panorama Glass Lodge

When you are in Iceland with your partner and want to stay in a romantic hotel, you can go to the Panorama Glass Lodge. This hotel is made up of several igloos with large windows to see the entire Nordic landscape. You can locate the hotel from Reykjavik city with a short drive of around 1h 30mins.

The experience you will have with the panorama glass lodge is wonderful; you can have a romantic atmosphere and comforts. The hotel has two types of rooms, single and double, that you can reserve at an affordable price. This hotel allows you to take unique photos to share on your social networks and be greatly admired.

6. Stay in an old bus at Esjan

Another highly unusual place to stay in Iceland is the Esjan farm. As it’s a farm, you will have nature around you. You can meet domestic animals and experience a rural getaway in this location.

To make the ‘rural’ part stand out even more you won’t get your own hotel rooms. Rather, you will get your own bus. Don’t worry though, the buses are converted to provide comfort and heat for you. Yet, once you step out the door and look back at your lodging, you are indeed staying in an old bus.

You can try out activities such as horse riding and hiking in the area. It can be a good choice for families, due to all the good options to stay active. However, you have to keep in mind that you won’t get much privacy inside the small bus.

7. A boutique experience: Ion Adventure Hotel

Honestly, out of all the hotels in Iceland, we think this one looks the coolest. The Ion Adventure Hotel looks like a building, straight out of a sci-fi movie. It’s located right next to Thingvellir National Park, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

There is easy access to all the major attractions in Iceland. You can hike and go exploring every day only to return and wind off in the many facilities of the hotel. Hop into the warm pool and soak in all the great experiences you have had during the day.

Are you afraid, that you will miss the Northern Lights? In this hotel, you can ask reception to give you a wake-up call, in case the phenomenon appears in the middle of the night.

ION Adventure Hotel
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8. Traustholtshólmi

Are you fed up with society? Want to leave people behind and experience a true connection with nature? You can try visiting the unique Iceland hotel Traustholtshólmi.

It’s located on a private island, just off the south coasts of Iceland. You can book a ‘room’ inside a traditional private yurt. There won’t be anyone on the island except for you and the other guests. As there are only a few yurts available to rent at any time, you are almost guaranteed to not meet with anyone.

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9. Fossatun Cottages

In Iceland, it’s all about nature. When you want an unusual place to stay on your Icelandic holiday, consider the Fossatun Cottages.

The small cottages are located in the West Iceland Region. When you step out of your wooden cottage, you will find yourself in nature. The nearest town is 14 kilometers away.

A good place to stay if you are looking for hiking and some quiet time. Good for couples.

Fossatun Cottage
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10. Stay inside an old church at Kirkjubaer Guesthouse

What can be a more unique place to stay on your holiday than a guesthouse that was once a church? In the fishing town of Stodvarfjordur, you can do this.

The church was originally built in 1925 to serve the people of the fishing village. Once it went out of use, it was renovated and transformed into a pleasant guest house.

The location is remote and the design is super unique. Worry not though, it comes fully equipped with a bathroom. It can serve as a good base for exploring eastern Iceland. You can arrange day trips and fishing tours for fun activities.

Kirkjubaer Guesthouse
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11. Reykjavik Domes

If you want to experience the beauty of the bubble hotel, but wish to stay close to the city, you should look at Reykjavik Domes. The domes offer way more privacy than their bubble counterparts.

You have one huge window for the spectacular views, but you can even close that if you wish to be fully private. There are wifi and a jacuzzi with each dome.

It’s cozy and convenient. This is a perfect middle ground between nature and city life. We recommend this as a good place for couples in Iceland.

Reykjavik Domes
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12. Hotel Djupavik an Old Herring Factory

Fishing has always been an important part of Icelandic culture. If you travel to the small town of Djupavik you can stay at a Herring Factory dormitory.

Originally the building was used to house female workers at the factory. Now it’s renovated and converted to a hotel. The interior poses a rustic experience with very nice vintage furniture.

You also get the chance to visit the actual factory when you stay at the hotel. It’s a very interesting experience to check out the old processing plant and learn about the history.

This hotel is a very good option for families in Iceland. Children love unique places such as a herring factory building, and the Hotel will provide comfort and accommodation for the whole family.

It’s also a hotel that likes to host weddings. So if you are want to get married in Iceland, consider this option!

Hotel Djupavik
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13. Blábjörg Guesthouse – A fish factory

After the unique Djupavik Hotel, we have another fish factory on our hands here. However, Djupavik focuses more on the rustic lifestyle and history, Blabjorg on the other hand is a full-out luxury hotel.

The factory has been renovated in an excellent style to provide a unique hotel in Iceland with luxurious detail. The guesthouse features amenities like saunas and hot tubs.

The location of the Blabjorg Guesthouse proves to be the perfect spot to start hiking journeys. Explore this wild area of Iceland on your feet and you will be rewarded with many picturesque moments. This accommodation also has easy access to one of the best puffin-watching areas in Iceland.

Blabjorg Guesthouse
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14. Deplar Farm – Luxury mixed with Rural

Can you have a luxurious retreat while experiencing rural life? Yes, yes you can! Deplar Farm, the unusual hotel in Iceland, does just that. The hotel was once a sheep farm, now it’s a wellness center.

Located in the middle of the big nowhere, you will have a lot of opportunities to connect with nature here. When you book a vacation on Deplar Farm, it’s not simply a hotel booking. You are signing up for a tailored experience.

They work hard to provide an exciting retreat for everyone. Your days will be filled with adventures like whale watching, hiking the mountains, or sea kayaking. Then there will be times when you have the chance to slow down and feel the connection to Earth with some guided yoga.

15. Seljalandsfoss Horizons – Luxury Cottage

We’ve looked at the Bubble Hotel and the Reykjavik Domes, finally it’s time to put the luxury into this kind of experience. Seljalandsfoss Horizons offers small cottages, that offer a very similar experience to the domes.

Except, here, everything is about luxury. The cottages come fully equipped with lavish interiors. The huge windows will a picturesque view and an opportunity to observe the Northern Lights.

Due to the central location in Southern Iceland, the place is also perfect for exploration. You will have easy access to all the major sights in the area. You can hike or drive around the area and explore the natural beauty.

Seljalandsfoss Luxury Cottage
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An Unusual Country

As you can see, there is no shortage of unusual places to stay in Iceland. It looks like anyone can find something to their liking. These 15 picks are our favorite ones.

When you book a vacation in Iceland, you should really consider these hotels. After all, Iceland is a very unique place in itself. Why not choose a unique hotel to go with it?

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