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10 Unusual Winter Holiday Activities

These top unusual winter sports are mainly for those who are always looking for new excuses to get an adrenaline rush. To kickstart your holiday, you can try your hands at one of the unusual activities. Forget everything else but not your camera. These sports will be giving you some rare and unique memories that you can share with your friends and family for years to come.

1. Ice Karting, Finland

Nothing will be giving you more fun than kart racing on ice. Finland’s Kuusamo provides the perfect platform to try reckless driving on a frozen lake. Ruka Adventures conduct these races where you can race against your friends to win medals. The adrenaline rush can be cooled down after the race with some complimentary tea, coffee, sausages and sweets.

Make sure that you bring an action camera if you plan to do this unusual winter holiday activity. You are guaranteed to rack up on the likes once you post an amazing montage of you speeding through the frozen landscape.

Note: This is from Russia, and not the actual Ice Karting area in Finland

2. Snowkiting, Utah

Snow kite enthusiasts usually use skis or a board, but here you will only require the appetite for excitement and a power kite. Snowkiting is an awesome alternative to water ski in the winter. Let the kite pull you along the snow and enjoy the rush of speed.

3. Polar Bear Swimming, Korea

Every year in the month of January, adrenaline junkies leap into the freezing Korean Strait in their swimming trunks and bikinis. This swimming competition is being conducted in this country for the last 25 years at Haeundae Beach. This is the Korean style of welcoming New Year. You have to run 10 meters on the sand, then jump into the icy-cold water and swim 80 meters to touch the finish line.

Although the name might suggest danger from wild animals you don’t have to worry. It’s rather to commemorate the freezing cold water you will be swimming across. If you think you got what it takes to jump into the ice-cold water, this is a perfect opportunity for you.

Winter Swimming

4. Skijoring, Minnesota

It is the combination of dog sledging and cross country skiing, where you are required to be on your skis as your pups pull you all along. Skijoring events are held near the Twin Cities by Midwest Skijorers Club.

5. Snow Tubing, Canada

If you are not a fan of ski or snowboard, then you are sure to love this. Snow tubing is nothing but sledging inside a tube that is cheap, easy and incredibly fun.

One of our favourite resorts for snow tubing is the Horshoe Resort. You will be able to experience the rush of adrenaline here in a safe and controlled environment. This is a great activity for both adults and children.

Winter Tubing

6. Ski Biking, Colorado

Instead of wheels, bikes here are fitted with skis which you can try riding down the snowy slopes of the Rocky Mountains. Ski biking is offered by Durango Mountain Resort. The resort holds a ski bike festival every year for spectators and participants alike. Do not try this if you are trained by YouTube videos.

This is a great replacement for real downhill mountain biking when everything is covered in snow.

7. Ice Climbing, Chile

The scene is set here by El Morado Glacier for a simultaneously thrilling, magnificent and terrifying ice climbing trip. Beware, you should only attempt this activity if you are already proficient in mountain climbing. We do not recommend beginners to start with ice climbing.

Ice Climbing

8. Dog Sledding, Alaska

Mushing or dog sledging is the official sport of Alaska. In this ride, a team of huskies pulls you along for a long journey or a short sprint. These rides can last anything from minutes to several days. Backpacking expeditions are offered by Alaska Best Wilderness, based in Tanana. These expeditions combine rafting, trekking and mushing.

This is a perfect opportunity to experience a truly unique winter holiday activity. Although you need to prepare for an excursion in Alaska, it will be a memory for a lifetime.

Dog Sledding

9. Ice Sailing, Poland

Set sail across the Great Masurian Lakes of Poland with no sign of waves to challenge you down. It’s a great and unique winter experience. When the lake is frozen, special boats, equipped with skate-like legs will be used. The adrenaline rush is guaranteed.

10. Shark Ice Fishing, Greenland

Greenland Fishing Challenge is anything but a regular fishing trip. Get ready to tackle the icy waters before catching the largest fish of this region, the Greenland Shark.

Make sure you dress accordingly, Greenland can get really cold. If you are from a moderate climate, your usual jackets and coats might not do enough in this environment. We recommend heavy-duty ski jackets when travelling to Greenland.

Ice Fishing

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