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How to visit Nicosia Airport, Cyprus – Nicosia airport tour

The Nicosia Airport of Cyprus is one of the most interesting places for aviation lovers. It’s the former main airport of the island that is now totally abandoned. It was in use until the Turkish invasion of Cyprus and it’s been left as-is after that.

What makes Nicosia Airport special is the fact that it’s in the buffer zone of Cyprus. This is an area that is controlled by none of the governing forces of the island. The result is super interesting: Nicosia Airport has been left abandoned and it’s pretty much in the same condition as it was in the 1970s.

If you get the chance to see the airport you can experience something unique. As in stepping back into a different era. Of course, ever since, nature has started to reclaim the buildings and runways but it’s still a very interesting place to see.

However, being in the buffer zone, access is very limited. It is currently used by the United Nations. It’s also a dangerous place as landmines are still in the area. So, if you want to visit you must be 100% committed to the case.

The abandoned Nicosia Airport is definitely not your usual tourist sight and we highly doubt regular tourists can gain access.

Nicosia Airport
Dickelbers, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Nicosia Airport Tour – Possible?

Now, with abandoned places like the Nicosia Airport, it’s usually possible to do a guided tour. When it comes to an official Nicosia Airport tour, we have to disappoint you. Unfortunately, it doesn’t exist. There is no option for a guided tour or an otherwise guided visit. At least not in person.

For anyone who is interested there is actually a virtual tour available. Thanks to modern technology we can now provide such amazing experiences. It is a good option for anyone who doesn’t qualify for a permit. In other words: regular tourists can only take a virtual tour of the airport.

If you want to take the virtual tour, head over to the NIC Project website and you can start exploring right away.

This way you can explore the terminal, the runways, and even the abandoned planes. The project also provided some historical insight you would not get when visiting by yourself.

If you want to read more you may also check out this first-hand experience by Roman Robroek photography:

How to request access to Nicosia Airport

Are you an academic? A researcher? Maybe an independent photographer or filmmaker? Then you might be able to get an official permit for visiting the airport.

You need to apply directly with United Nations. Check out this page for more information.

Safety precautions for your visit

Did you manage to get a permit? Great! Now you will be able to tour the airport yourself. However, remember one thing: it is in a buffer zone between two conflicting forces and the terminal building is properly abandoned.

First of all: landmines are in the area. Actually, landmines are pretty common all over the buffer zone. So stick to the road. It’s not safe to explore the scenery.

Another important safety issue to keep in mind is the airport terminal structure. It’s been a while since the airport was in use and there was zero maintenance performed ever since. We do not recommend stepping on any metal structure at this point. Rust could have corroded its supports making it unsafe.