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Visiting Savelletri, a Lovely Seaside Town in Puglia

Savelletri is a small seaside town near Fasano in Puglia. It’s a lesser-known summer getaway in Puglia, that’s perfect for anyone who is looking for less touristy places. The town is a classic fishing town in Southern Italy with all its charms.

You can stroll around the village and the port and enjoy the famous seafood. Many of the restaurants work with fresh ingredients that the fishermen bring in during the morning.

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How to get to Savelletri?

The village of Savelletri is located between Bari and Brindisi. It’s just east of Fasano meaning that many locals and tourists like to visit for a nice seafood diner.

Although it sounds perfect for a public transport trip, the nearest train station is the Fasano station. This means no great accessibility via public transport.

The best way the visit Savelletri is via car. You can rent a car in Fasano or at the airport where you land. It’s easy to get some dirt cheap flights to Bari or Brindisi when you are looking to visit the Puglia region. These two are the nearest airport to Savelletri.

What to see and do in Savelletri?

Let’s take a look at all the wonderful things to do and things to see in Savelletri. Being a small town there aren’t that many attractions, but it’s a great visit for during an afternoon. There are also some beaches around so if you want to stay near the seaside in a small fishing town Savelletri can be a great pick. 

1. Church of Saint Francis of Paola

Savelletri Church
The charming seaside church

Apart from the town itself, one of the main attractions in Savelletri is the church of Saint Francis of Paola. It’s a cute church that’s found near the port of Savelletri.

It’s a reminder of old times when fishermen did a quick prayer before going out to sea to make sure they are safe for their journey.

2. Explore the port of Savelletri

The port of Savelletri is full of fishing boats that come in all shapes and sizes. It’s a wonderful sight as they rock around in the calm waters. If you visit during the morning you can catch fishermen returning from their morning trips and unloading their goods.

There are many old buildings and nice restaurants in this port area which is essentially the old town part of Savelletri. Here’s the best place to get some fresh fish food.

3. Museo Archeologico Di Egnazia

Enjoy history at the local archeological site near Savelletri. Explore ruins of the long-gone Roman civilization in a huge complex of archeological finds. 

The museum has plenty of free parking and attractions both inside and outside. Outside you will see the remains of buildings and a village. Meanwhile, on the inside, you will see the household items uncovered during the excavation of this site.

4. Lido Ottagono

One of the best places for a secluded beach day near Savelletri is Lido Ottagono. It’s just a few minutes of driving away from Savelletri itself. Free parking is available upon arrival and you have to pay an entry fee.

This entry fee will include a sunbed as your own place inside the beach. The beach itself is extremely clean with super friendly staff. Lido Ottagono created an upscale beach environment in Puglia.

It’s perfect for families and couples as well. Due to the entry price, it’s not as frequented as the free beaches around the area.

There is no sand beach part here, it’s a unique rocky beach where you can jump from the cliffs and enjoy a special landscape.

5. Aquapark Egnazia

The ultimate family day out experience in Savelleteri is the local aquapark. You can easily reach the aquapark via a bit of driving.

They have multiple pools some of which are specially tailored towards children. There are also waterslides for those who are looking for an adrenaline-filled adventure. A day ticket costs 24 euros for adults while the afternoon ticket has a discounted price of 14 euros. Children under 1 meter are free to enter.

6. San Domenico Golf

Relax at the local golf course within lush green fields near the seashore. This course at Savelletri is popular for recreational use and due to the beautiful environment.

7. Tailor-Made Experiences With Egnazia Touring

Those who are looking for a tailor-made experience in Puglia should consider Eganazia Touring. They are located right at Savelletri and you can book different kinds of trips with them.

From luxury boating and yacht rentals to adventure bike tours they have something for everyone.

Where to eat in Savelletri?

Visit long enough and you will start to get hungry. Let us offer some of our restaurant recommendations for eating in Savelletri. 

Mómó – Pescato e cucinato

The definitive fish restaurant of Savelletri. If you take our recommendation, then you order the catch of the day. It will always be fresh fish that’s brought in by fishermen in the morning. You can’t go wrong with this pick.

You can also get other seafood items like prawns and calamari. It really is one of the best restaurants to enjoy seafood and fish in Savelletri.


Although fish is the main attraction in Savelletri there is a great grill restaurant if you are longing for other meats. You can order different types of cuts and delicious meat at Braceria very close to the port of the town.

Final Thoughts

Savelletri is a charming town to visit. As it’s located close to Fasano it should be on your map when you are planning a Puglia itinerary. As you may know from our guide of getting around Puglia, a rental car will come in handy.

This is especially true when visiting very small places like Savelletri. With the closest train station being so far away it’s not an easy place to visit, but if you have a car you should stop by for a nice shrimp spaghetti.

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