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Wearing pyjamas on long-haul flights: can you do it?

So you are set to travel from one end of the world to the other. This is going to be an exhausting flight and now you are thinking to yourself: how can I make it more comfortable? Wearing pyjamas on long-haul flights definitely makes everything less painful, but is it actually allowed?

In our opinion, comfort is the number one issue when flying long-haul. You’ll be spending a lot of time in your allocated seating position and everything that makes you feel better should be okay. This includes wearing pyjamas. We absolutely support people wearing pyjamas on their airplanes if that makes them happy.

However, there are a couple of things to consider. You’ll need to keep these in mind for the perfect ‘pyjamas long-haul’ experience.

How to do pyjamas on long-haul flights

Okay, let’s see our tips on how to actually rock your jammies on your flights. We actually recommend your PJs only for the duration of your flight. Browsing through duty-free in your pyjamas will actually feel weird so maybe only change once it’s time to board.

So in our mind here’s the perfect process for a long-haul flight in your pyjamas:

  • Arrive at the airport in your regular clothing
    • Browse the shops
    • Drink some coffee
    • Grab something to eat
  • Time to board. Here you have two options:
    • Either go to a restroom on the ground and change into your PJs before boarding.
    • Or board, wait for the seatbelt off signs, then change in the plane bathroom
      • Of course, the plane bathroom is less spacious for this maneuver
  • Enjoy a comfortable flight
    • Sleep
    • Watch some movies
  • After landing and de-boarding
    • If you have a fresh set of clothes you can head to a restroom and change right away. You’ll await baggage claim in new clothes this way
    • If only your carry-on has fresh clothes then get your luggage and then change

This is the process we would do. If you want to mix it up a little bit then go ahead. You might arrive at the airport already in your jammies if you want.

Picture of an airport

Pyjamas at an airport: is it okay?

All right, we’ve seen how you can easily wear a PJ on an airplane, but what about the airport? Can you arrive at the airport in your pyjamas?

Technically yes. Airport staff should have no concerns about your choice of clothing. It’s your choice after all. We’ve seen people dress up in things WAY WORSE than pyjamas. It’s an individual level of decision.

So, you will have no problems passing the security checkpoint. No one will bat an eye. As long as you adhere to the security staff’s requirements you are fine.

However, there are a few things to consider that make wearing a pyjama at the airport less fun:

  • Airports can be a little cold at times
    • While the temperature on airplanes is always constant it’s not the case for airports. Once you are out of the summer season airports are usually a bit colder than what is comfortable for PJs.
  • Shopping in pyjamas is less fun
    • It’s okay to walk around, sleep, and watch a movie in your pyjamas on the airplane, however, if you want to do some duty-free shopping we guarantee many weird looks. Although, technically nothing wrong with it, people will still judge you. This is just how people are.
  • Airports are less clean
    • Airplanes are usually clean. They are cleaned after each flight. Meanwhile, airports are clean too but the seats in airports are not. So it’s not the most hygienic thing to sit down at the airport in your PJs. We wouldn’t do it.

Best pyjamas for long-haul flights

Okay, now we’ve discussed that it’s totally okay to go wearing pyjamas on a long-haul flight. Let’s see some actual tips on what kind of PJs you should consider.

Pick a plain design. This is one of the best tips we can give you. Pick something plain, simple, and above all, comfortable. A long sleeve grey, or white tee and black pants will look timeless. Some people won’t even notice that you are in your jammies.

Long sleeve and full leg is the way to go. If you want to keep a low profile then we recommend going for full coverage. Whether it’s your legs or your arms it’s best that your PJs go all the way. If you are someone who tends to be hot on flights then you might try 3/4 pants.

Steer clear of onesies and busy patterns. Finally, onesies are not the best for flights. You should put on a two-piece PJ and not a onesie. Also, busy patterns, especially ones that are usually reserved for night apparel, scream PJs. You’ll feel less comfortable than you would in something simple.

Pyjamas Example
Look at her PJs. She is practically ready for a flight. Simple, yet comfortable, and not very PJ looking.

The advantages of wearing pyjamas on a long-haul flight

Wearing pyjamas on long-haul flights is the best way to ensure you’re comfortable during your flight. Not only will you be more comfortable in actual pyjamas, but you’ll also have a fresh set of clothes to change into once you land

Wearing pyjamas on long-haul flights is the ultimate act of self-care. It’s still not very common among travelers to use pyjamas on their long-haul flights but it’s getting more and more widespread. As flying becomes more common it’s no longer an ‘event’ you need to dress up for.

It becomes a mundane task to endure while you travel the world. This is why we highly encourage anyone who wants to be comfortable to go board the airplane wearing their pyjamas.

Add to that the fact that you’ll be super happy to land and change into proper clothing. Proper clothing that was not on you for the past 10-something hours. Fresh clothes will make you feel fresh as well.

Some airlines will even give you a PJ

If you are flying business class or first class then you must know that some airlines will even provide branded PJs. We’ve found that these pyjamas are some of the most comfortable ones ever. We usually go around wearing them at home too.

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