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The Closest Airport to Ostuni – How to get there

What is the closest airport to Ostuni? If you are planning a vacation to Ostuni it’s best to know which airport you need to fly to. The closest big international airport to Ostuni is the Bari Airport.

What is the closest airport to Ostuni?

When you travel to Ostuni you get to choose from two airports that are similarly close to the town. The closest airport to Ostuni is Brindisi airport. However, Brindisi sees limited traffic and flights. This means that your city might not be connected to Brindisi at all.

In this case, the second closest airport to Ostuni comes into play. It’s the Bari International Airport that is well connected to many European cities. This means that finding a cheap flight to Ostuni will be absolutely no problem.

Bari International Airport

Ostuni is an amazing town to visit. If you are visiting from smaller European cities, then the first airport you need to check is Bari Karol Wojtyła Airport. Bari’s very own international airport is served by many European cities small or big thanks to budget airlines like Ryanair and Wizz Air.

You will have absolutely no problems finding a ticket to Bari during summer from almost any European airport. It’s a popular town and many people land here when they are coming to Puglia.

How do you get from Bari to Ostuni?

There are two options here. The easier and more convenient option is renting a car. This is also a very handy thing to do if you are considering exploring the whole of Puglia. Although driving in Puglia can get a bit hectic at times the car will be your best friend to visit hidden gems and awesome towns.

TrenItalia Train

The budget option here is a train. You can catch a train from Bari for less than 10 Euro. You have to remember that the actual train station in Ostuni is pretty far from town. We don’t recommend walking all the way from the station to the town center. Rather, you will have to take another public transport in the form of a local bus. It’s a little less convenient than renting a car but considerably cheaper.

Brindisi Salento Airport

Brindisi Airport is smaller than Bari and sees fewer flights bringing tourists each year. Regardless it’s a great hub for visiting Puglia and major European cities should be well connected. It is the closest airport to Ostuni after all.

You will find Brindisi to be a very modern airport. Despite the small size, it packs everything you might need on your travels and you can safely use this airport.

Getting from Brindisi to Ostuni

Once again, we recommend that you rent a car. It will make life very easy and you’ll get to explore the Puglia region in comfort. This is not to say you can’t get around via public transport, but it does get easier if you drive around.

In case you are looking for the budget option, or simply prefer not to experience the hectic driving style of Italians, then you can take a train. Train tickets are available at Brindisi train station. From there you will arrive at the outskirts of Ostuni where the train station is and have to take a bus into the city.

To Sum it Up…

There are two airports that you can choose for your Ostuni visit. The closest airport to Ostuni is Brindisi. However, you might find no actual flights to Brindisi from your location as it’s a smaller airport.

Not much further away you will find Bari International Airport which is accessible from almost everywhere in Europe. This is the best bet for most people. Both airports are within 100 KM of Ostuni, so you shouldn’t expect horrible transfer times.

Getting to Ostuni is best done via train and local bus if you want to opt for public transport. On the other hand, we highly recommend renting a car and enjoying the freedom it gives.


What is the closest airport to Ostuni?

It’s Brindisi Airport at 32 kilometers.

How far is Bari Airport from Ostuni?

The distance is 82 kilometers.

How long does it take to get from Brindisi to Ostuni?

It takes 35 minutes of driving or 22 minutes via train. From the train station, you will need to take a local bus.

How much is the train ticket from Brindisi to Ostuni?


How long does it take to get from Bari to Ostuni?

It takes around 1 hour and 10 minutes of driving or 47 minutes of riding the train. You will need to take another local bus from the train station to get into town.

How much is the train ticket from Bari to Ostuni?


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