Wine Tasting in Vancouver WA

15 Best Places for Wine Tasting in Vancouver, WA

Vancouver, WA has some amazing vineries. The area is perfect for winemaking and if you are in town then you should definitely go on a tasting tour. To help with that, we’ve selected 15 great places for wine tasting in Vancouver, WA.

We’ve put them into two categories. First, we’ll look at the Vancouver, WA waterfront itself. It’s a bustling area that has a concentration of great places so it deserves its own category.

Then we’ll take a look at some of the vineyards nearby where you can get a more traditional experience when it comes to tasting wine.

Do note that this list is deliberately not numbered. We didn’t want to rank the wineries as we think all of them are great and worth a visit. So pick the ones you like the best.

Wine Tasting on the Waterfront of Vancouver, WA

The Vancouver Waterfront is a great place to check out some of the best wineries in the state and the Pacific Northwest. You can find tasting rooms for all kinds of wines along the north shore of the Columbia River. Whether you’re a casual connoisseur or an enthusiastic oenophile, you’re sure to be impressed!

This small area surely has a nice concentration of great tasting rooms. We’ve picked a total of 7 within walking distance of each other. Such great quality and so many amazing wines in one place. Crazy!

Maryhill Winery Vancouver Tasting Room

Maryhill Winery opened a new tasting facility in Vancouver, Washington, in 2019. The new facility is located in the city’s renovated waterfront zone and offers visitors the opportunity to sample a wide range of Washington wines.

Of course, the location is quite exquisite and the wines are perfect. On the other side of the coast, you have a great view of Oregon’s Portland. It’s a nice wine-tasting experience in Vancouver, WA.

Barnard Griffin – Vancouver

The brainchild of founders Deborah Barnard and Rob Griffin, Barnard Griffin Winery began in 1983. What started out as an attempt to produce some wine with grapes that were borrowed and cellars that were rented ended up being one of the most important wineries in Washington.

They’ve joined the Vancouver, WA waterfront recently with a nice tasting room and a great selection of wines. If you want to try a family-run business that also boasts some of the most awarded wines in the state then the Barnard Griffin Tasting Room is your spot.

Airfield Estates Winery Vancouver Tasting Room

Airfield Estates is a premier winery and vineyard in the Yakima Valley, Washington. It is family-owned-and-operated, and boasts a unique history – part of the property was once an airstrip! The name Airfield Estates pays homage to this fascinating past.

Of course, when visiting the tasting room in Vancouver it’s a fun fact to know but what matters are the wines. They’ve got a great selection available and they have a good waterfront property. It’s a beautiful place for wine tasting and definitely one that we can recommend.

Brian Carter Cellars Tasting Room & Wine Bar

Great wines, great food, and a superb location? Yes, please! Of course, don’t expect to dine here, but they have good side dishes that go well with their wines.

The main inspiration for Brian Carter Cellars lies in European heritage. The bottles provide an excellent showcase for Brian’s passion for crafting outstanding European-style blends from Washington State’s distinctive terroir.

Amavi Cellars & Pepper Bridge Winery

Another great place for wine tasting on the Vancouver, WA waterfront is Amavi Cellars & Pepper Bridge Winery. They have a small but stylish tasting room. If you want to visit you should call ahead due to space limitations.

Although they have a limited selection what’s good about this place is that you can sample wines from two wineries at once. And the limited selection also guarantees that only the top stuff makes it all the way to the tasting room.

Willamette Valley Vineyards Vancouver Tasting Room & Restaurant

The Willamette Valley Vineyards Vancouver Tasting Room & Restaurant is a brand new addition to the Vancouver WA wine tasting scene. It only opened a few months ago but it’s already attracting a great crowd due to excellent wines and high-quality food.

We recommend the daily tasting menu here. Featuring fresh, seasonal dishes from the region, the menu is the perfect complement to the vinery’s traditional Oregon wines. The three-course tasting menu has been carefully curated to offer you a variety of delicious options. Or, you can browse the full menu, which includes suggested wine pairings, vegetarian and vegan alternatives, specialty cocktails, and more.

Valo / Massalto

This winery is definitely one of the greatest in the waterfront region. The wines are excellent, and the service is courteous and enjoyable.

The owner/chef designed a small meal menu with wonderful nibbles. Stop in and enjoy some of their great wines while asking plenty of questions!

Their wines are superb, moderately priced, and ample. The atmosphere is quite nice.

Wine Tasting in the Winery, in and around, Vancouver, WA

Okay, it’s time to expand our horizons. It’s definitely a great experience to sip wine on the waterfront however visiting a winery in person is always an interesting thing to do. So let’s see what are the wineries where you can do some wine tasting in Vancouver, WA.

Do note that these wineries have limited hours for wine tasting.

English Estate Winery

Tasting Hours: Mon-Wed 4-7 PM / Fri 3-7 PM / Sat-Sun 12 – 6 PM

Probably among our favorite places for wine tasting in Vancouver, WA. The English Estate Winery boasts amazing wines, incredibly nice pricing, and beautiful scenery. The vineyard is very pleasant to walk around and explore.

For only $10 you can sample 6 different wines from their collection, but the fee is waived if you actually purchase a bottle.

English Estate Winery is a truly local winery that’s also very close to Vancouver, WA downtown making it an easy visit and an easy recommendation.

Burnt Bridge Cellars

Tasting Hours: Wed-Thurs: 1-7 pm / Fri-Sat: 1-8 pm / Sun 1-5 pm

Burnt Bridge Cellars is a great place for wine tasting if you don’t want to get out of Vancouver, WA but want to avoid the upscale waterfront area.

They have their tasting room in the downtown area. There’s a nice selection of wines and snacks that go well with them. One of our favorite programs here is the Friday 1 hour dinner. Great food along with excellent wines. What better day to spend a quiet Friday evening?

Stavalaura Vineyard

Tasting Hours: Sat-Sun: 12 – 5 PM

Located north of Vancouver, WA, Stavalaura Vineyard is a great place to grab some local wines and taste some as well.

Stavalaura Winery currently produces wines from three grape varietals cultivated in their vineyards, as well as grapes sourced from other notable Eastern Washington wineries. Their grapes are Pinot Noir), Zweigelt-Rebe, and Golubok.

So if you want to see a small vinery that has quality wines and it’s an up-and-coming player in the region then Stavalaure Vineyard is a great visit.

Bethany Vineyard & Winery

Tasting Hours: Fri-Sat: 12-6 pm / Sun: 12-5 pm

Bethany Vineyard & Winery sits in a beautiful location. It’s a great visit even if you only come out to see the scenery, but then you would be missing out on the actual wine.

Their prime wine is Pinot Noir but they also produce twelve different wines in total. The fruity taste is highlighted by spending a limited amount of time in new oak before being transferred to neutral oak, where it will stay for up to two years or longer, depending on the variety.

Windy Hills Winery

Tasting Hours: Fri: 3-7 pm / Sat: 12-6 pm / Sun: 12-5 pm

Windy Hills Winery is another family-owned estate in Vancouver, WA. This vineyard has a beautiful setting with a great view of the surrounding area. The interior is vast and open, with a lodge/cabin atmosphere. The wine is great, and dogs are welcome outside.

Windy Hills Winery offers an excellent selection of red and white wines at surprisingly affordable prices. This is one of the favorite wineries for locals to visit and grab a few bottles to take home.

Pomeroy Cellars

Tasting Hours: Thur-Sun: 12-6 pm

The first thing you’ll notice is the stunning countryside and how peaceful the setting is. But what you’ll really fall in love with is the feeling of being away from it all.

The vineyard grounds are beautiful and there are plenty of activities to enjoy, like wandering around and experiencing the living history farm. The best part is the amazing staff and owner!

Pomeroy Cellars are great for visiting and doing some wine tasting. We can’t recommend this place enough.

La Uva Fortuna Farms

Tasting Hours: Thur-Fri: 4-9 pm / Sat: 12-9 pm / Sun: 12-7 pm

La Uva Fortuna Farms is an Italian kitchen and a vineyard. They’ve got a wood-fired kitchen with amazing pizzas. This is a great place not only for the wine but for the food as well. They make some of the most authentic Italian food in the area.

When it comes to the wine you’ve got an option for tableside tasting. For $10 you can taste 4 wines accompanied by olive oil bread. It’s a pretty good deal if you ask us!

Confluence Winery

Tasting Hours: Sat-Sun: 12-5 pm

Finally, we have Confluence Winery when it comes to wine tasting in Vancouver, WA. The tasting fee is $15 but it is waived if you buy at least 2 bottles of wine which is a real possibility after you try their tasty offerings.

Confluence Winery prides itself on being a small-time manufacturer. They keep their wines limited but keep the quality very high.

Confluence takes its name from the point where rivers meet, as well as the aim of creating a stunning site and property where people can gather, relax, enjoy themselves, and sample high-quality wines.

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