Wineries near Culpeper VA

7 Excellent Wineries near Culpeper, VA

Are you ready for the ultimate wine-tasting experience in Virginia? We’ve selected the top wineries near Culpeper, VA so you can enjoy a nice glass of wine in a beautiful setting.

Virginia has earned its place recently as one of the quality wine producers in the nation. The area around Culpeper is excellent for growing grapes and it has inspired some amazing wineries to pop up. To help you choose from the big batch of options we’ve selected the 7 best.

Oh, and we are trying to keep driving distances as low as possible. As you know vineyards will definitely not be located downtown but in the surrounding hills. Luckily nothing on this list is farther than a 30-minute ride which is a perfectly reasonable distance for a nice wine tasting experience.

1. Old House Vineyards

Distance: 8 miles – 15 mins

Old House Vineyards is one of the most famous wineries around Culpeper. Not only do they have a vineyard but a brewery and distillery on site as well.

It all started as a family adventure and ended up being one of the best local wines in Culpeper. This winery has award-winning grapes and wines so it’s definitely a place to visit.

You can visit the winery to enjoy the excellent wines and have some great food along with it. We recommend the pizza if it’s available on the day of your visit.

If you want the full experience check out their website for tour dates. They offer a nice guided tour at only $25.

2. Mountain Run Winery

Distance: 5 miles – 10 minutes

The Mountain Run Winery is another one that’s super close to town and has an excellent selection of wines. You too can set foot on the old farmlands that have been transformed into one of the most charming vineyards around Culpeper.

A family venture that started in 2016. Regardless of the short time this winery operated it has already made a name for itself in the wine scene thanks to the hard work it put into its wines.

They have a nice tasting room where you can sample all their available wines and enjoy picturesque views. There is also an option for group tasting events if you want to go with a bigger group of people.

3. Prince Michel Vineyard and Winery

Distance: 10 miles – 15 minutes

If you’ve been to these parts of the US then you might actually know Prince Michel Vineyard and Winery. They are a pretty big name on the east coast and their wines can be found on shelves all around the area.

The winery was founded by two Parisians and quickly managed to make a name for itself in Virginia. No wonder it’s a popular spot to visit near Culpeper for people who want to do some nice wine tasting.

They offer a plethora of activities to choose from. First of all, they have a wine shop and a tasting room with nice outdoor seating. However, there’s more.

This winery also has a nice selection of tours. Anything from wine tasting and learning about their most prized grapes to full-on guided tours through the vineyard. So if you want to visit one of the biggest wineries near Culpeper then choose this one.

4. Magnolia Vineyards

Distance: 15 miles – 22 minutes

Magnolia Vineyards is a cute winery near Culpeper with excellent views and a nice tasting room. According to their own website, they are actually the 251st vineyard officially registered in Virginia.

It’s a true family-run establishment that was born out of a passion for good wine. We absolutely love these kinds of projects. They specialize in European-style wines and currently only produce around 750 cases each year.

So those who are looking for a nice local place with excellent wine should visit Magnolia Vineyards. You’ll also probably meet the owners who are one of the friendliest people around and they’ll be more than happy to tell their story and the story of their vineyard.

5. Granite Heights Winery

Distance: 18 miles – 25 minutes

Granite Heights Winery might just have one of the most beautiful views out of all the wineries we check today. And that’s saying something as some of these places have picturesque surroundings.

It is yet again a locally owned winery where the owners are also the people who make the wine. They do everything themselves from growing the grapes to even labeling the bottles.

This winery boasts a nice tasting room with great outdoor sitting. Check their website for the current tasting schedule. They can also arrange group tastings for you and your friends or family. One of the cutest wineries in the Culpeper area.

6. Wilderness Run Vineyards

Distance: 20 miles – 25 minutes

Wilderness Run Vineyards must be one of the more unique locations on this list. We’ve seen old farmhouses and historical estates already. However, this vineyard has its tasting room in a classic US barn and has a nice picnic-like sitting area right next to it.

Needless to say, this makes the atmosphere feel friendly from the first moment you arrive. You can visit the tasting room to get a sample of their excellent wines and if you are lucky you’ll also meet the owners who can tell you all about the humble beginnings and the grapes they grow.

7. Blue Quartz Winery

Distance: 20 miles – 25 minutes

If you’re looking for a scenic winery experience, look no further than Blue Quartz Winery in Madison County, Virginia. This winery shares a tasting and tap room with Shotwell Run Brewing Co. and offers a selection of estate-grown wines, hard cider, and craft beer.

The kitchen and grill provide delightful food options, and food trucks are also available on-site. The tasting and tap room is spacious and features an expansive outdoor space, offering a stunning view of the vineyard and Old Rag Mountain.

This winery is both kid and dog-friendly, making it a perfect location for the whole family to enjoy.

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