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6 + 2 Excellent Wineries near York, PA

Do you want to try some of the famous wines of Pennsylvania? When you are visiting York you’ve got the perfect opportunity to check out some locally owned vineyards. Today we’ll take a look at our favorite wineries near York, PA and we’ll even give you two extra choices.

Visiting vineyards is always exciting. Usually, these places are family owned and it’s not uncommon to meet with the owners themselves. We love that many of these places are passion projects and when you go wine tasting near York you’ll support the local economy.

So put your wine tasting hat on and get ready for some amazing wineries that you can visit when staying in York, PA. As always you’ll find driving distances along with the recommendation with the furthest winery being approx. 35 minutes away.

1. Mark & Val Wines

Distance: N/A – Downtown

Mark & Val Wines is the first winery we look at and it’s actually a wine tasting room in the middle of town. What’s special about Mark & Val Wines is that it’s a black-owned winery.

They specialize in small wines using some of the best grapes from Pennsylvania. The whole winery is a passion project and you can really feel the love that’s put into each bottle of wine you try.

If you want to visit you should arrange a guided tasting for you and your group. We love this place and we love the idea of a fully black-owned winery. It’s easy to forget how ‘white’ the wine industry is and we love to see the diversity expanding.

2. Four Springs Winery

Distance: 10 miles – 20 minutes

Four Springs Winery is a charming and sophisticated boutique winery that offers visitors a warm and welcoming experience. With a focus on maturity, their wines are aged in barrels from 2012 through current year vintages.

They’ve got an excellent selection of dry and semi-dry wines but they also have a number of great sweet wines.

Unfortunately, the vineyards are not available for a visit but you can get a taste of their wines from the tasting room located close to York, PA.

Whether you’re a wine connoisseur or a newbie, Four Springs Winery is the perfect destination to discover your new favorite wine.

3. Thunder Ridge Vineyards

Distance: 15 miles – 25 minutes

Thunder Ridge Vineyards offer another chance to sample the excellence of local wines near York, PA. It’s a true family operation as it was started by father and daughter duo, Jeff & Alex Gormley.

Although the vineyard is actually owned by different people the passion is not lost. Husband and wife team, Joe and Amy Zill took over the business in 2021. They want to grow and sell grapes that create exceptional wines.

The 6.5-acre property features a variety of grapes and fruits that are used to create their award-winning wines. The winery’s quaint tasting room offers bar-side service, and mostly outdoor seating with breathtaking views of the vineyard.

It’s an excellent place to sample the local wines. It started as a small family operation near York and it has managed to keep the boutique appeal throughout the years.

4. Balla Cloiche Vineyards

Distance: 15 miles – 25 minutes

Balla Cloiche Vineyards offers a unique and peaceful experience for wine enthusiasts. The small batch, estate-grown wines are served in a tranquil country setting. The tasting room is nestled at the bottom of a hill, surrounded by family vineyards and an old stand of giant fir and pine trees.

The current owners bought the place in May of 2011 with the intention to create excellent wine. They definitely managed to succeed with their goal but it’s not been smooth sailing. As per their own account – winemaking is not for the faint-hearted.

Regardless it’s now more than 10 years that this winery is in business and it looks like they are not going anywhere. It’s a nice place near York if you are looking for some wine tasting.

5. Allegro Winery

Distance: 18 miles – 26 minutes

Allegro Winery is an independent winery near York, PA. This place specializes in small group tastings with a preference for groups of 6 or less. According to them, this is the ideal size for everyone to have a memorable experience.

They are open almost every day for tasting and wine shopping. Even if you don’t plan on the official tasting option you can visit them and purchase a few glasses for on-site consumption.

This is also one of the bigger vineyards around York as their products are available all over Pennsylvania.

6. Nissley Vineyards Winery & Estate

Distance: 25 miles – 35 minutes

Nissley Vineyards is a true testament to the power of experimentation and perseverance. What started as a mere curiosity for J. Richard “Dick” Nissley and his son John in the mid-1970s has now become a flourishing winery that produces exceptional wine.

With the third generation of the Nissley family at the helm, led by the passionate and energetic Jonas Nissley, the winery continues to thrive.

For a taste of their premium wines, try their tasting flight for just $10. Let their knowledgeable staff guide you to find the perfect wine for your palate.

We consider this winery a must-see for wine lovers. It’s one of the more historic vineyards near York, PA and the fact that they are still in operation speaks for the quality of their wines. So, if you want to enjoy wine tasting in a picturesque and historic setting this is the place to go.

+1 Beauregard’s Meadery

Distance: 8 miles – 18 minutes

Finally, we are touching on our two extra tips. These are not wineries but meaderies instead. It’s rare to have a nice meadery around and to have two near York is quite the unique idea. So, if you want to try something different these two places will welcome you with open arms.

Mead is a drink that’s fermented from honey and water to create a unique taste. Beauregard’s Meadery is just outside of York making it super easy to visit.

This is a dream project founded in 2018. Founders Paul Beauregard Hodge V and his wife Elya wanted to create a place where families can come together and share stories over a few glasses of mead.

They have excellent mead and the owners are super nice. If you want something different after all the wine tasting near York that you’ve done then this Meadery is an excellent choice.

+2 DiFrancesco Meadery

Distance: 15 miles – 22 minutes

Lastly, we are finishing our list with DiFrancesco Meadery. This meadery has an excellent location with a nice tasting room that has outdoor sitting for the picturesque views.

It’s a small-batch operation that focuses on quality mead over the appeal of mass products. As a result, they have a nice variety of options available for tasting.

This is a place to visit over the weekend as they are only open on Saturdays from 2 PM to Sunset. Those who are looking for a fun time on a Saturday will definitely enjoy a visit though.

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