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The Winnetou Movie Croatia Filming Locations

Winnetou has started as a book series by German author Karl Friedrich May. The adventure novels were loved by readers. Considering the popularity, the Berlin film production company Rialto Film teamed up with its Croatian counterpart, Jadran Film to make films out of the books. We will help you find the Winnetou movie Croatia filming locations within this guide.

Considered as the most popular German films of all time, the Winnetou movies have utilized the Croatian landscape as a backdrop for the Wild West. You will be pleased to learn that many of Croatia’s National Parks were also included in the production. This will give you another reason to visit them!

Croatia gave the ideal film area. Among great plateaus, profound gullies and the glorious Lakelands of Plitvice, the producers made an ideal impersonation of the Wild West inside Europe. Whoever longs for the experience of a Wild West movie, should consider going there.

Winnetou Movie Croatia Locations

Paklenica National Park

One of the most prominent filming locations for the Winnetou Movies. A total of 4 films were shot in this national park. The rocky and often very rough landscape is a perfect stand-in for the Wild West.

People like to start in the village of Starigrad Paklenica and explore the area from there. Another famous landmark in the area is the Velebit Mountains. As you visit this area you will see why it was picked for the backdrop of the movie.

Paklenica Winnetou Movie Croatia

Zrmanja Canyon

Another very important Winnetou Movie location in Croatia is the Zrmanja Canyon. It’s easily accessible from Zadar. Getting up to the top of the Canyon you will be greeted with amazing views of rocky and barren landscapes. You will feel like you’ve just stepped into the real wild west. The canyon around the river Zrmanja will perfectly take you to another continent.

Another way to experience Zramnja Canyon is trough taking a guided boat tour. You will need to get to the village of Novigrad on Karinsko Lake. From here you can take the boat tour, which even includes swimming near amazing waterfalls.

Zrmanja Canyon

This amazing boat tour is affordable and a great way to get away from other tourists. You will find many opportunities to take photographs along the way. The rocky valley will keep you amazed and grab your attention with its striking features. As such, we highly recommend this activity if you are staying in the Zadar area. It’s a great excursion even if you are not interested in the Winnetou movies.

BEWARE: Do not confuse the village of Novigrad on Karinsko Lake with the city of Novigrad in northern Croatia. The latter is quite far, and you won’t be able to take about tour into Zrmanja from it.

Plitvice National Park

The lakes and waterfalls of Plitvice were used as the backdrop for the more exotic scenes of the Wild West. After all the west wasn’t one big desert, it had many interesting and lush places.

The Plitvice Lakes National park warrants a visit even if you are not interested in the Winnetou movie Croatia filming locations. As such, you will most definitely enjoy all the different shapes and sizes of water and waterfalls in the national park.

Plitvice National Park

Winnetou Museum Croatia

Once you have checked out the most important filming locations, you can the Winnetou museum.

It’s located in the city of Starigrad. Here you will be able to enjoy many of the original props used in the movie. Such props include canoes, bows, costumes and vintage filming equipment. You can also learn about the history of the production and how the movies came to life.

Other Winnetou Movie Croatia Locations

These were the most important filming locations of the movie. This doesn’t mean though that filming was limited to these places only. We would like to give you a run-up of the remaining places where only a couple of shots were filmed. These include Omis, the Paklenica National Park, the Cetina River, Nature Park Vransko Jezero, Rovanjska, and finally Rastevic. This list includes most of the filming locations and as such you will be able to visit the Wild West in Croatia if you are up to the task.

Cetina River

These unusual places to visit in Croatia will give you a great off the beaten path experience. Although you will find some National Parks always crowded other places like the Zramnja Canyon is usually free from mass tourism. We are sure that following this guide you will find ways to enhance your stay in this beautiful country.

In case you are not familiar with the movies, we’ve put the trailer for the original below. Whether you are looking for nostalgia or entertainment, make sure to check it out:

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